Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

The Instructional Skills Workshop-ISW (EDU 275) is an intensive experiential learning approach designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. Each workshop can accommodate from three to five participants and is usually co-facilitated. Participants review basic ideas about teaching, technology, current practices, new strategies and techniques within the safe environment of the workshop.

The workshop includes three online modules and two face-to-face modules facilitated by two experienced college instructors. Each participant prepares and conducts three 10-minute “mini-lessons” (two face-to-face and one online) by following the BOPPPS model, receives written, oral and video feedback from fellow participants on the effectiveness of his/her lessons, and then sets new performance objectives. The feedback is focused on the learning process rather than on the content of the lesson.

ISW is an excellent opportunity to try out new ideas and strategies. As technology plays a pivotal role in teaching and learning at NPC, ISW participants will be incorporating technology components into their lessons. A variety of distance learning technologies, such as SMART Board, Moodle, OmniJoin, Bridgit and the CISCO system, will be examined and experimented as the participants develop their Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK).

ISW (EDU 275) Course Outline

Upon successful completion of the workshop, FULL-TIME FACULTY will receive payment of 2 Staff Development Units ($250) and ADJUNCT FACULTY will receive 2 points toward a lateral move on the associate (overload) pay schedule.

An ISW Facilitator Training Workshop (EDU 199) is also available for those who are interested in becoming an ISW facilitator. EDU 275 is a prerequisite for EDU 199.

ISW class schedule for Fall 2017
  • EDU275 (ISW)-01 - WMC - Meets 9am-4pm, Friday, 9/15 & Friday, 9/29; Facilitators: Kenny Keith & Deborah Keith (online module starts 9/11)
  • EDU275 (ISW)-02 - PDC - Meets 9am-4pm, Friday, 10/6 & Friday, 10/20; Facilitators: Ruth Creek & Richard Harris (online module starts 10/2)
  • EDU275 (ISW)-03 - WMC - Meets 9am-4pm, Monday, 12/11 & Wednesday, 12/13; Facilitators: Rich Harris & Wei Ma (online module starts 12/4) - Note: schedule changed to accommodate faculty who teach on Fridays. This will be the week after the fall semester ends.

Contact Dr. Wei Ma, ISW Coordinator for more information.