MyNPC is an online portal interfaced with NPC’s Administrative system or ERP for faculty and students to enable both to work through their courses and other college resources. This program is a portlet-based structure with different portlets to interact with the Administrative system. It pulls both faculty and student information from the ERP system when the courses are built and students are registered.

When a course with sections is built through Records/Registration, a shell is created with default pages and default portlets. The entire course can be administered by the Faculty that is assigned that course. The Faculty can choose how they want to present their course to the students. They can add pages, portlets, etc to build their course to present it to the student how they want it to be.

The course shell within MyNPC has certain features that the faculty can use:
  • Calendar – Shows what days the classes are held highlighted in yellow. (Will show on the student’s calendar on their “MyPages” with any information that you choose to place on your calendar, like test, assignment due dates, etc.
  • Custom Portlet – You can use this to load pictures and information on yourself or your course, etc. You can have many elements that you can reorganize or change quickly and easily. This is a fast and easy way to share information.
  • Bookmarks – This can be used to put all of your important links to your course in one place and can be organized by sets/groups.
  • Handouts – This can be used to load documents for students to download. This can be in many formats like Word, PDF’s, etc, so that a student has the ability to be able to get information when they need it without having to go to the library for printouts from the Faculty. This is very helpful for the Video/Audio classes.
  • Coursework – This is a complete different page that is part of the LMS structure. This is where you can build your course by week or unit. It comes with three types of assignments – Online, Offline and File exchange. You can build online tests in multiple choices.
  • Collaboration – This is a complete different page that has a Forum portlet and a collaboration portlet as a default. The collaboration will list all members of this course and allow the instructor to email the entire class.
  • Gradebook – This is a complete page that contains the grade book for the students. You will have to build your coursework for the grade book to work correctly. You do not have to build the assignments if you do not want to place them here, but you do need to build a “shell” to where you can enter the grades for the students.
  • Attendance – This is a complete page where you will enter your attendance for your students.

This just covers the basic parts of the LMS feature of MyNPC. The instructor can add as many pages and different portlets to the course as needed. The instructor will have all students that are registered in the course on the collaboration page, the grade book page and attendance page. When the student logs into MyNPC, their courses are listed on the MyCourses portlet and there is no need to log into a different system and leave our network.

  • To log into MyNPC, go to NPC homepage and click the MyNPC tab at the top right.
  • For technical assistance, contact Support Center at or x7447.