Distance Education

According to NPC Distance Education Guidelines and Best Practices, the purpose of distance education at NPC is to provide high quality, student-centered, technologically-enhanced and/or delivered, post-secondary education that meets the needs of our students and communities. All distance education courses are taught by certified faculty, meeting the same high standards and prerequisites as their face-to-face, on-campus counterparts. All NPC policies and procedures for face-to-face, on-campus courses and programs are applicable to distance education programs.

The goals of distance education at NPC are to:
  • Create and maintain courses that meet the academic rigor and standards of courses delivered on-site.
  • Develop and maintain an efficient support system for providing technical help services to all involved in distance education.
  • Encourage and reward innovation while maintaining consistently high standards.
  • Provide ongoing student support services for distance education students.

The Distance Education Guidelines and Best Practices represents a collaborative effort among faculty, staff and administration. It reflects recommended current and future steps that should be followed to serve our students through distance education.

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