Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Program - Online Student Readiness

The ICT program is designed to provide students with necessary technology literacy for them to succeed in online learning environments.

Background: Digital Literacy/Online Readiness in Three Acts

- Course Quality (Quality Matters Review)
- Instructor Literacy (tech training, possibly in conjunction with the above, Instructional Skills Workshop, and/or future ICT courses)
- Student Literacy (primary topic of the ICT)

The Workflow

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Competency Test (Testing Out of ICT)

We'll test for the basics by requiring a single document which requires several steps to compose. Each of the steps will test for an ability we want to be already present in a first-time digital learner, such as taking a screenshot, logging in to a site that requires credentials, saving a document. Sending it in to be graded will take additional skills, such as facility with email and attachments. Requirements and rubric for the assignment will be posted in the open, but how to accomplish them won't be, and help will not be available from the Support Center or other college venues at this stage. (See Testing Out of ICT project for details)

If the student turns in good work, they'll be cleared immediately to take classes online.

If the work is substandard or fails to arrive at all, they'll need to take the ICT 095 to remediate.

ICT 095: Skills for Online Learning (Rudimentary skills necessary for successful online learning)

A half-credit (8 hours total contact), Pass/Fail, hybrid class, with the first half of the class presented face-to-face in a computer lab, and the second half online. Students will be walked through the skills necessary to complete the test document in the platform of their choice. Since students will be encouraged to use their personal technology, dependable generic-login wireless in the labs will be essential.

ICT 096: Teaching Online Learning (Train-the-trainer)

A 1-credit (16 hours) hybrid class. Twice as long as ICT 095 to include some pedagogical perspectives, and also made available to students who want the full (1) credit. This class is designed for faculty or others who need to be qualified to teach 095 to the student population, particularly at remote locations where sections may need to be staffed immediately in response to demand. This class can be letter-graded at the student's option, but is Pass/Fail by default.

Important Notice for Students Registering for FA18 Internet Classes - NEW

Beginning FA18 registration, the ICT hold will be removed to allow any student to register for Internet classes starting FA 2018 without taking ICT 095 or the opt-out test. Under the new procedure, after registration, students enrolled in Internet classes (POS 221 & 222 are exempt) for the first time will be required to complete an
Online Readiness module by the end of the first week of class. For more information visit

Students registering for SU18 Internet classes will still have the hold. They will need to take the opt-out or ICT 095.