Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there a new computer competency (ICT) requirement?

The ICT program is designed to provide students with necessary technology literacy for them to succeed in online learning environments.

2. Who will be affected by this requirement?

All NPC students wishing to take an online class in the Fall 2013 semester and beyond.

3. Is this a one-time requirement?

Yes. Once a student meets the requirement, the hold will be lifted from the registration system, freeing them to enroll in any NPC online class for which they have fulfilled other prerequisites.

4. Will this slow down the registration process for online classes?

Yes—but if students plan ahead and demonstrate your computer competency before the semester begins, the delay will be minimal.

5. I have successfully completed online classes before. Why do I still need to follow this requirement?

Having taken online classes before (or having a prior degree) does not necessarily signal technological competency. The result of opt-out (competency) test or ICT 095 will be an indicator of your readiness for online learning.

6. What is the opt-out (competency) test?

We'll test for the basics by requiring a single document that requires several steps to compose. Each of the steps will test for an ability we want to be already present in a first-time digital learner, such as taking a screenshot, logging in to a site that requires credentials, and saving a document. Sending it in to be graded will take additional skills, such as facility with email and attachments. Requirements and rubric for the assignment will be posted in the open, but how to accomplish them won't be, and help will not be available from the Support Center or other college venues at this stage. Go to the Opt-Out Test

7. How long will the opt-out (competency) test take?

It depends on your digital literacy level. For students who are technologically literate, this could be as little as 15 minutes.

8. Who will grade my opt-out (competency) test?

Two experienced NPC faculty members will review and grade your test.

9. When will I know whether I pass the test or not?

You’ll be notified within 72 hours upon submission of your test file to If you pass the test, your name and student ID will be forwarded to the Registration staff and any ICT-based barrier to your registration for online classes at NPC should be lifted very soon.

10. What if I didn’t pass the test?

If you didn’t receive a passing grade, you may want to consider satisfying this requirement by taking the ICT 095 class before registering for online classes.

11. Will the content of the test change over time?

It is likely that we will update the test over time as technology evolves and the context of online learning changes.

12. What is ICT 095?

ICT 095 is a half-credit hybrid course consisting of four hours of face-to-face contact and four hours of online work. Students will be walked through the skills necessary to complete the test document using the platform of their choice.

13. Is ICT 095 free?

ICT 095 is tuition-free for students wishing to take NPC online courses.

14. What are the benefits of taking ICT 095?

- prepare yourself for online learning
- brush up on computer skills
- receive a certificate of completion as a proof of online competency

15. Where can I find the ICT 095 class schedule?

Multiple sections of ICT 095 will be offered throughout the year and around the college district. Contact

16. How do I sign up for an ICT 095 class?

Email to request an ICT 095 training. Tell us what campus or center is easiest for you to get to so that we can schedule a session for you there.

17. Why some online courses are exempt from this requirement? Will there be other exemptions?

Exemption decision is driven by principles/policies that flow from what the ICT program is trying to accomplish. The current exclusion of POS 221 and 222 was based on the consideration of keeping the pilot to a manageable scale, and this decision is subject to review.

Beginning FA18 registration, the ICT hold will be removed to allow any student to register for Internet classes starting FA 2018 without taking ICT 095 or the opt-out test. Under the new procedure, after registration, students enrolled in Internet classes (POS 221 & 222 are exempt) for the first time will be required to complete an
Online Readiness module by the end of the first week of class. For more information visit

Students registering for SU18 Internet classes will still have the hold. They will need to take the opt-out or ICT 095.