Testing Out of ICT 095

In order to ensure that students taking online courses have the basic skills necessary to complete coursework delivered this way, NPC offers a half-credit class (ICT 095) which must be taken prior to registering for classes online.

We recognize, however, that many students won't need this class to succeed. Therefore, we've constructed this short test/project as an opt-out. If you are able to complete the project competently, and send it to the email address below, you'll be cleared to take online classes at NPC without taking ICT 095.

Because the test is designed to measure your familiarity and skill with online environments, the instructions given will not be detailed step by step as they would be in the class. If you encounter difficulties, try using a search engine to find information on how to complete the step that is giving you trouble. For example, if you don't know how to take a screen shot, you might search on "screen shot windows" and figuring it out from one of the many links returned in the search.

If you're still having trouble, consider taking ICT 095 instead. The class has been designed to quickly get you up to speed with skills you will use every day as an online student.

Please do NOT contact college support services or help desks for assistance in completing the project. We're measuring your already-existing abilities here, and if you need that level of help, taking the class is a much better option.

The Project (Competency Test)

Note: You’ll need an activated NPC email account before you do this. Contact NPC Support Center if you do not have one. It takes 24-48 hours for the system to create your NPC email account. Make sure you are able to log into your NPC email before attempting this test.

1) Using your browser of choice, navigate to the NPC Moodle site at If you already have a username and password for the site, log in normally. If you don't, sign up for one (follow the instruction on the Moodle homepage to create a Moodle account). Once logged in, you'll see that your username appears as a link at the top right of the page ("You are logged in as ..."). Click this link.

2) You'll see a page that details your user information, such as the City/town information you used when you signed up, and the date of last access. Take a screen shot of this page. Paste the screen shot into a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Open Office. Please make sure the text in the picture is readable--resize the graphic, or take another shot if necessary to make it so.

3) Save the word processing document as "095project". Acceptable formats include Word document (.doc, .docx), .odt, and .rtf. Unacceptable formats include .wps (very few instructors will be able to read WordPerfect files). If your format of choice is not listed here, you can either switch to one of these common formats for purposes of the test, or you can use something else and roll the dice on your evaluator being able to read it anyway. This mirrors the situation in classes, and the rest of the real world. You want your document to have a good chance of being opened and readable by your intended recipient.

4) Place your cursor above the screen shot, at the top of the page, and type the following information: Your name, your NPC student ID number, your email address, the NPC campus or center closest to you (for example, "Kayenta" or "WMC" or "Painted Desert.” See a list of NPC locations here), and the date. If you don’t yet have your student ID, please register for one here. If you have an NPC student ID number but you don’t know what it is, please contact the Support Center. If you submit your test project without an NPC student ID number, you won’t pass.

5) Return your cursor to a point below the screen shot and then add three blank lines below it.

6) Open a new browser window and access any search engine. Search on the words: NPC, moodle, welcome. (All three words in one search) Take a second screen shot of the search results, and paste it into your 095project document. Legibility is not quite as critical here as in the first screen capture, but the picture should at least be recognizable as a page of search results.

7) Examine the search results and find one near the top that references Moodle, but does NOT point to a page on an server. This might be another school's Moodle installation, or refer to something else entirely, such as "Non-Player Character". Click on the link you've chosen and navigate to the linked page.

8) Take a third screen shot of the resulting page, and paste that into your document.

9) At the bottom of your document, after the three screen shots, type the words "NPC 095 opt-out" and then save the document one last time.

10) Send your completed document as an attachment to In the subject line of your email, put your name and NPC ID. Check your email Sent box and make sure the email is successfully sent.

Your submission will be evaluated within 72 hours, and a notification of success (or not) will be sent to the same address you used when sending in the document. If successful, your name and student ID will be send to the Registrar's Office and you'll be cleared to sign up for online classes. If not, you'll be advised on what steps to take next--most likely meaning how to sign up for ICT 095 to learn the skills not demonstrated via your document.

You can try this test as many times as you want.

If you don’t hear from us within 72 hours, it is very likely that your email didn’t go through (again check your email Sent box) or you have sent it to a wrong email address. In that case, you’ll need to resubmit your opt-out test.

Thanks very much. Questions on the procedure outlined here can be directed to

How to Sign Up for ICT 095?

If you are not able to receive a passing grade after several attempts taking the opt-out test, you might want to consider taking ICT 095. Email with your name, NPC student ID, contact information, your availabilities, and the NPC campus/center that is the nearest to you. One of our ICT instructors will contact you shortly.


Please do NOT call the ICT staff. There are more than one ICT staff monitoring the ICT program and calling one of them will cause confusion and slow down the process. To ensure a timely and accurate response please email - that’s the best and the only communication method we recommend for any ICT-related business.