Online Curriculum Review, Evaluation and Transfer

For faculty

    (the Academic Curriculum Review and Evaluation System) is envisioned as an electronic means for creating, routing, evaluating and approving new courses, course modifications, and course deletions within an institution. It would allow faculty, staff and administrators to share information about course changes, and to access course information for various uses within their institutions. Eventually, it would provide a means by which course information could be fed electronically into the Arizona Course Equivalency Tracking System (ACETS) for transfer articulation processing.
  • ACETS (Arizona Course Equivalency Tracking System) is designed to track course equivalency decisions as they go through the statewide articulation process in Arizona. ACETS supports all decision making required to establish equivalencies in Arizona, from the initial request for an equivalency evaluation, through the creation of a report to be used by Arizona university encoders. ACETS tracks the timeframe for course equivalency from source institution to target institution and triggers a report to target institutions when timelines are outside normal boundaries. A Target school records its decision within 45 days in ACETS and encodes it within 15 days. Institutions can check recent information activity by querying the database.
  • CEG (the Course Equivalency Guide) shows how courses transfer from community college to ASU, NAU and U of A. Be aware that the transferability of a course does not indicate how the course will apply to meet requirements for specific bachelor's degrees. For help understanding the CEG, consult CEG Help.
For students
  • Major Guides: Not sure which university you want to attend - but know your major? These guides show what community college courses you should take (often in addition to general education courses), and what associate’s degree pathway to pursue, for a variety of majors. Majors that are offered by at least two of the Arizona public universities are listed here. 
  • Transfer Guides provide information for Arizona community college students about the courses they may take at the college that will meet degree requirements for a particular university bachelor’s degree.  Click on a school logo to review a list of Transfer Guides. Transfer Guides are intended for use by students who are certain which university they want to attend and which major they intend to complete. Other students may also use transfer guides, but if you are not certain of the university or major, you should begin by reviewing information about the AGEC.  Please be sure to work with your advisor in order to decide how to best achieve your transfer goals!