Guide for Online Course Instructors

Prior to the Course Evaluation:
  1. Consult your division dean, department chair, and the Faculty in Educational Technology (FET)
  2. Have a copy of the approved 3035 form for your course (please ask your dean or department chair if you do not have one)
  3. Conduct a self-assessment of the course using the evaluation worksheet (contact FET for a copy of the worksheet)
  4. Test all the course links, pages, navigation, assignments, quizzes, and grade settings and made sure they are functioning
  5. Make final revisions as needed

Request for a Formal Evaluation

When the course is ready, email your evaluation request to the Faculty in Educational Technology ( and the Learning Technology Subcommittee (LearningTechnologiesSubcommittee Copy your division dean and department chair. The following is a sample request letter with the information that need to be provided:

Please accept this request for a formal evaluation of (course number and title). Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this request. Thank you. John Faculty
  • Course Number:
  • Course Name:
  • Contact Information of the Instructor: name, work title, email, office location, phone
  • Direct URL of the course:
  • Course Syllabus: Attached
  • Approved 3035 form: Attached
  • Self-assessment with the evaluation worksheet: Attached

Evaluation Process
  1. Upon receipt of a formal evaluation request, the FET will work with the Learning Technologies Subcommittee (LTC) to form an evaluation team;
  2. After the evaluation team is formed, the FET will send the direct URL to the online course site to the evaluators. To keep the evaluation process anonymous, the FET will create an evaluator account that the evaluators will use to access the course to be evaluated;
  3. The team will review the course and assign points using the evaluation worksheet;
  4. The evaluators will send the completed evaluation worksheet with recommendations back to the FET via email. The FET will summarize the evaluation result.
  5. A favorable recommendation will be made to the IC only if the course receives either a minimum score of 85% (84 out of 99) from each evaluator or a minimum average score of 85% (84 out of 99) from all of the evaluators, with all the 3-point standards being met.
  6. If the course failed to meet the quality standards, recommendations will be made by the evaluation team to help the instructor improve the course;
  7. The FET will set a schedule to work with the instructor to make improvement accordingly;
  8. Repeat 1-4 as needed.

Should you have any questions regarding the evaluation rubrics and process, please contact Wei Ma, Faculty in Educational Technology.