The SPF7447 Rule

If this is your first time teaching in a Model Classroom environment, remember the "SPF7447 rule": 

S - stay within Nefsis
P - preload your files before class begins (DOC, PDF, PPT, AVI, etc.)
F - "Follow my layout" shall always be turned on

You can't go wrong if you stick to SPF. Finally, call x7447 (Support Center) if you run into any technical issues.  Read More...

Best Practices in Audio & Video Classrooms (3)

Tips on how to encourage student participation:
  • How to encourage remote students to ask questions and participate in discussion?
  • How to deal with students who feel isolated from the rest of the class?
  • How to moderate the conversation among multiple locations?
  • How to manage teams in a class with remote students?
  • How to deal with the “us versus them” attitude forming among students at different locations?
  • What do I do when there is only one student enrolled at a remote location?
  • What do I do when remote students need to present to the rest of the class?

Play Video in Nefsis

Youtube videos are frequently played in audio/video classes to enrich students’ learning experience. Due to the codec limitation (with mp4 files), directly playing Youtube within Nefsis will cause some issues. A workaround is to use a Youtube downloader to download the Youtube video as an AVI file to your computer or thumb drive, and play it as a media file in Nefsis.

To download the Youtube downloader and convert the videos to avi format, please contact the Support Center at x7447 or Read More...

Best Practices in Audio & Video Classrooms (2)

Some tips, tricks and best practices regarding:
  • Supportive Impression
  • Class Materials
  • Reducing Interpersonal Distance

Best Practices in Audio & Video Classrooms (1)

Professor Ryan Jones, Faculty in English who has taught in audio/video classrooms for years, shares his thoughts on how to make the classes more effective - Read More...