Fourth Friday Faculty Training

Fourth Friday is an ongoing series of training opportunities that covers various aspects of instructional technology.  The trainings are run in the Audio/Video/Model/computer lab as well as online environments on the 4th Fridays of each month.  Most of the trainings are recorded and made available for online streaming or download. 
A typical Fourth Friday training consists of:
  • Short introduction to the technology
  • Short demo of the technology in classroom use by a faculty member who is fluent with the particular piece of tech
  • Facilitated discussion of best practices and possible classroom applications of the technology
Some possible topics (by no means an exhaustive list) for training - based on faculty technology survey:
·         CISCO vs. Omnijoin (Nefsis) vs. Bridget
·         Smartboard/Smart Notebook skills
·         Engaging students in the AV systems
·         Effective group discussion in the AV systems
·         Moodle basic & advanced skills
·         Using Moodle for course hybridization
·         Why hybridize a live course?
·         Effective online course design & instruction
·         The decision process for moving a course online
We are asking for volunteers to step forward to assist colleagues by running the demos noted above in the training outline.
So what do we need from you?
  • Be willing to volunteer if you have comfort level with any of the technologies in question
  • Respond to the upcoming survey so we can develop a set of training topics that match needs
  • Attend trainings and help us improve the learning environment at NPC


2017/2018 Schedule

• 09/22/2017, 2-3pm; Location: Online (Webinar); Topic: Moodle 3.2
• 10/27/2017, 2-3pm; Location: Model Classroom; Topic: Effective Teaching in Model/Audio Classrooms
• 11/24/2017, Thanksgiving - no training
• 02/23/2018, 2-3pm; Location: Online (Webinar); Topic: Advanced Moodle (Contact Wei Ma for Webinar recording)
• 03/23/2018, 2-3pm; Location: CISCO/TALON Classroom; Topic: Effective Teaching in CISCO/TALON Classrooms
• 04/27/2018, 2-3pm; Location: Audio Classroom; Topic: Effective Teaching in Model/Audio Classrooms

2016/2017 Schedule

• 08/26/2016, 2-3pm; Location: Model Classroom; Topic: What’s new in Omnijoin (previously known as Nefsis)?
• 09/23/2016, 1-2pm; Location: TALON Classroom; Topic: Teaching in TALON Classroom
• 10/28/2016, 12-1pm; Location: Online; Topic: Moodle for Beginners (Webinar)
• 01/27/2017, 1-2pm; Location: TALON Classroom; Topic: Starfish Student Retention System
• 02/24/2017, 1-2pm; Location: Webinar (Adobe Connect); Topic: Moodle Level 1
• 03/24/2017, 1-2pm; Location: Webinar (Adobe Connect); Topic: Moodle Level 2
• 04/28/2017, 1-2pm; Location: TBA; Topic: G Suite for Education (cancelled due to a scheduling conflict)

2015/2016 Schedule

• 09/25/2015, 2-3pm; Location: WMC CIS Lab; Topic: Creating Accessible Web Content
• 10/23/2015, 2-3pm; Location: Model Classrooms; Topic: Effective Teaching in Model Classrooms
• 11/27/2015, Thanksgiving – no training
• 02/26/2016, 2-3pm; Location: WMC CIS Lab; Topic: Flipped Classroom
• 03/25/2016, 2-3pm; Location: Adobe Connect (Webinar); Topic: Using Moodle for Course Delivery
• 04/22/2016, no training (Dr. Ma will be gone for a conference)

2014/2015 Schedule

• 09/26/2014, 2-3pm; Location: Adobe Connect; Topic: Moodle 2.5 Best Practices
• 10/24/2014, 2-3pm; Location: Audio/Video/Model Classrooms (AVM); Topic: AVM Best Practices
• 11/28/2014, Thanksgiving – no training
• 01/23/2015, 2-3pm; Location: AVM; Topic: AVM Best Practices
• 02/27/2015, 2-3pm; Location: AVM; Topic: AVM Best Practices
• 03/27/2015, Spring break - no training
• 04/24/2015, 2-3pm; Location: AVM; Topic: AVM Best Practices
2013/2014 Schedule
• 11/22/2013, 11am-noon; Location: Model; Topic: Nefsis vs. Bridgit
• 01/24/2014, noon-1pm; Location: Model; Topic: Smartboard Use in Audio/Model Classrooms
• 02/21/2014, 2pm-3pm; Location: Adobe Connect (Webinar); Topic: Moodle 2.5 Kickoff
• 03/28/2014, Spring Break - no training
• 04/25/2014, combined with faculty distance ed. meeting/discussion at SCC


Training Recordings