NEW READINESS REQUIREMENTS FOR ONLINE STUDENTS (Beginning with FA18 registration; Effective 4/16/2018)

NPC has implemented a program to improve student learning in Internet-based classes. Students enrolled in NPC Internet classes (POS 221 & 222 are exempt) for the first time are required to demonstrate or develop basic skills necessary for online learning. Beginning with FA18 registration, a new readiness procedure is in place. If this is your first time taking an NPC Internet class, and you have not previously completed the opt-out test or ICT 095 class, you will need to complete an Online Readiness Module by the end of the first week of class.

Please follow the directions below to access the Online Readiness Module on our Moodle Learning Management System:
  • Go to the NPC Moodle site at
  • Log in with your MyNPC username and password
  • After logging in, click Online Readiness under the STUDENT GUIDE block on the right
  • On the next screen, click Enroll me at the bottom to access the Module (no enrollment key is needed)
  • Complete the Module by the end of the first week of class
  • POS 221 & POS 222 are exempt from this requirement.
  • Students who have previously completed the ICT 095 or the Opt-out Test are not required to take the Online Readiness Module.
  • The ICT opt-out test will be discontinued after the SU18 registration is over.
  • The ICT hold will be removed for FA18 registration. Any student can register for Internet classes starting FA18.
  • Beginning FA18, students who are not able to meet the new readiness requirement will be contacted by an academic advisor.
For technical assistance (Moodle access and login, etc.), contact the IS Support Center at 1-800-266-7845 ext. 7447 (or 928-524-7447) or For questions regarding the Online Readiness Module, contact ICT Admin at