Starfish is a student retention system that helps students achieve their academic goals. As a faculty, you can use tracking items in Starfish to update students about their progress in your course. Download a faculty guide to find common scenarios and tracking item details that will help you send the message you intend!

Starfish Faculty Guide (updated)

Tips for Writing Notes in Starfish

Communication is Key in Starfish: Please encourage your students to update their contact information each semester. When we can contact the student we can help the student.

How to Clear Starfish Flags

Training videos (click links to watch):

To log into Starfish, go to NPC homepage and click the Starfish tab at the top right.

Starfish Best Practices in the Classroom
  • Include an early graded assignment in your coursework to identify whether a student may struggle to pass your class. This can be done at any time within the first four weeks of a semester. Then, raise a flag in Starfish to create awareness of this issue. Doing this within the first two weeks of a semester may be ideal for some classes, since students are still able to switch to a different course.
  • Complete Starfish progress surveys early. Progress surveys are one useful tool that instructors can use as a progress report for their whole class at one time. These surveys are typically open for a week-long window. Complete the survey early to avoid missing the deadline.
  • Attend the NPC Starfish users group meetings to share additional best practices and/or receive clarification. Group meetings vary by semester depending on availability of the conference line and video system. Please contact Josh Rogers or Jeremy Raisor for times. or
  • Show the "Starfish Student Profile" video available in the handouts section of the MyNPC PASS page.
  • Include a statement about Starfish in your syllabus. Here is an example from one of the full-time faculty members serving on the PASS committee: “What’s a Starfish doing in the desert? Helping your professors and advisor help you to succeed. The Starfish Early Alert System allows me to send you messages about your class performance, concerns or compliments I want to share with you, and referrals to people or offices that may assist you in your academic success. If you receive an email from Starfish, please read it as soon as possible and seriously consider taking any recommended actions. You may also see me or your advisor if you have any questions about a Starfish message. As always, you need to regularly check your NPC email to stay current with messages from Starfish, me, your advisor, and your campus.”

Contact Josh Rogers, Director of Student Services or Jeremy Raisor, Director of Enrollment Services for more information.